Donald J. Smith is …

a man with an awe inspiring journey through life, and a passion to help others realize their potential and achieve their dreams!

Donald J. Smith’s life and career are highlighted by achievements such as becoming a decorated Air Force officer, a United Airlines captain, and a highly accomplished private and commercial pilot. Now retired, Donald continues his life’s adventures as a biking enthusiast and aviation aficionado, and enjoys every moment with his wife Ellen, five daughters, six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

“Every instance of determination in the face of adversity had brought me to this moment of triumph.”

~Donald J. Smith

My new Book

Follow Donald Smith on his journey from a poverty-stricken and starving boy living in Mexico City, with an impossible dream to fly, to a man who became a celebrated Air Force pilot and United Airlines captain. This is a story of a person who never gave up, no matter what obstacles he faced. Even when everyone around him said, “You can’t,” he said, “I will.” And he did.

As you read about the author surviving trial after trial with his dream intact, you will believe that your dream is possible as well.