When Dreams Take Flight

Some men and women are afraid to dream. If you dream, you may look foolish. If you dream, you may fail. If you dream, then you risk disappointment. So why dream? In the words of Victor Hugo, the famous French novelist, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Donald J. Smith had a dream for his life that no one would believe yet he created his future despite many setbacks and disappointments.

Do you have a dream?

Through trials, disappointments, hunger, and grief, Smith kept believing that his dream was possible. But how? The answers are in this book. The lessons he learned about how to live life with passion are contained within these pages.
His story will inspire you to live with:

• Determination
• Hope
• Optimism
• Enthusiasm
• Endurance
• Confidence
…and much more!

Donald Smith’s life will challenge you to live the life of your dreams. His book will dare to believe that your future can become a reality through each life lesson taught within these pages. Like Smith, you can get out there and let your dreams take flight!